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Being established in 2003, ČIP ATELJE is focusing on the Electronic Components Market researches in Russia. During last few years the economy in general, and Electronics Market, in particular, has grown at a relatively high rate, in spite of significant price pressure and rising competition in the market. The market is growing fast not only in terms of size - the market segmentation becomes a lot more pronounced. Main application sectors of our interest are:

  • Automotive
  • Consumer
  • Electronic Data Processing
  • Industrial and Power
  • Smart Cards
  • Telecom

which cover by our estimations more than 90% of the Total Available Market.


  • To analyze and review the market size for particular application segments and its dynamics in terms of units shipped and values
  • To analyze and review the market size dynamics for the particular product groups within sub-sectors split by major features, in terms of quantities and values
  • To analyze relative shares of market coverage by imported and domestic made products
  • To make accurate and motivated forecasts for the market growth rates by particular applications (short term)
  • To analyze the current state and technology trends in major end-user application segments
  • To compile data for the Total Available Market split by applications and components manufacturers
  • To provide information as precise as possible about currently running and being in development projects and programs, their schedule and lifetime


The general research concept is based on bidirectional movement, both "top-down" and "bottom-up". The total market by each sub-sector is estimated using end-customer statistics and expert analysis. As the market is import dependent, the reports also derive import statistics and analysis for ready imported equipment in order to define the local content. After the local content is estimated by "top-down" method, the movement "bottom-up" starts basing on real production data at major domestic electronic equipment manufacturers. Information, statistics and forecasts are grouped by applications or market segments rather then product families. Figures are given in terms of units shipped, relative shares and values at first customer's final income price. All figures related to Total Available Market (TAM) are estimated using the "bottom-up" research concept. When discussing TAM, ČIP ATELJE considers production as "domestic" if the component is soldered or implanted (inserted) onto PCB within the territory of the Russian Federation. While preparing reports, ČIP ATELJE used published materials from government and other official resources (statistics and customs offices, federal development programs), from trade organizations, reliable research companies, and others. On the other hand, the data used include published companies reports, extensive interviews with market experts, distributors and other supply chain participants as well as end-user reports and analytics.

�ip atelje


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